Desolation Road - Christine Feehan

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By Christine Feehan

  • Release Date: 2020-07-07
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4
From 304 Ratings


Free Download Desolation Road Ebook. Take the ride of your life with the Torpedo Ink motorcycle club in this thrilling romance novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan. 
Torpedo Ink is Aleksei “Absinthe” Solokov’s whole life. They’re his brothers, his family—his everything. But that doesn't stop him from wanting something that only belongs to him. That’s why the tough biker has spent the last six weeks at the library, reading every book he can get his hands on and watching the prim and proper librarian who makes his blood rush. 
For the past six weeks, Scarlet Foley has been fantasizing about the handsome, tattooed man whose eyes follow her every move. She senses he's dangerous. She wants him to get close enough to touch. She wishes she could let him know the real woman, not the one she pretends to be. But Scarlet has a plan to carry out, and she can’t afford any distractions.
Absinthe is well aware that Scarlet is hiding something. She’s a puzzle he intends to solve, piece by intoxicating piece….


  • Terrible

    By Zxandra
    I’ve read tons of Feehan’s books, but I had to return this one halfway through. No plot, just scenes of unrealistic smut. I must have been frowning the whole was just so bad!
  • Horrible

    By AngelaPassmore
    What....? That’s what I was thinking about half way through this book. I have read most of her books but couldn’t finish this one. It was a waste of money and time. I love a steamy romance novel as much as the next person but this was smut pure and simple. All I can say is “wow” and definitely not in a good way.
  • Magical Storyweaver

    By I <3 zebras!
    This series is for the serious reader who will take the time to understand the magical storyweaver of this author. This book plays an essential part in understanding all the Topedo Ink members and their bond. A reader needs to be invested in unraveling the whole story. Can't wait for the next book in the series. Wonderful, masterful storytelling.
  • S tar FF edtdd

    By r Dade da
    Dads readyd see s Fed dudeass daw
  • Just no.

    By LLu22
    Ditto other reviews.
  • No plot or character depth

    By RDK92108
    Totally dissatisfied... less life in her characters or plot ... BDSM seems to be her current theme in this series ... ridiculous that so much of this book centered around washing butt plugs and purring ... seriously for such a talented writer ...
  • Why

    By Whyareallthenicknamestsken
    I was so excited for this book. It starts off so good and interesting......... and Um wow just wow. I will probably never re-read this book. I could have done without it. It was okay. There were some parts that were really good. Some good insights into the other characters . But Some parts made you say , why?
  • Not a fan

    By Bfye74
    I have read almost all of her books and usually can’t wait for the next one. This one was horrendously disappointing. Everyone seems to be jumping on the BDSM bandwagon and it’s just not necessary.
  • Sadly Disappointed

    By Rp42995
    I really love Ms Feehan’s older books. The characters were much more alive and her plots were not written around sex. With each book that comes out, I find myself hoping that my money was not wasted. I am sadly disappointed by this latest story and regret that I have purchased it. I have given up on the leopard series and now the Torpedo books. I am truly hoping her newest Carpathian novel is better.