French Phrasebook for Travelers (with audio!) - Frédéric Bibard

Free Download French Phrasebook for Travelers (with audio!) Ebook

By Frédéric Bibard

  • Release Date: 2018-02-12
  • Genre: Foreign Languages


Free Download French Phrasebook for Travelers (with audio!) Ebook. <h2><strong>1400+ ESSENTIAL/ COMMON FRENCH PHRASES and EXPRESSIONS to Build Your Confidence in Speaking French. NOW WITH AUDIO</strong></h2>
Are you
<li>Traveling to France or any French-speaking destination?</li>
<li>Looking to jumpstart your study of Basic French?</li>
This e-book is all you need to handle a wide range of scenarios on your French holiday. From the moment you step out of the airport to you say au revoir, this thoughtful little e-book will tell you the right words to say at the moments you need them most.

<li>Veuillez parler plus lentement - Please speak more slowly - vuh-yay par-lay plew lahât-mahn</li>
<li>Je (ne) comprends (pas) - I (do not) understand - zhuh (nuh) kawn-prahn (pah)</li>
<li>Combien est-ce? How much is it?          kaum-byen ess?</li>
<strong>Concise, straight-to-the-point delivery </strong>
An e-book that cuts to the chase, no unnecessary topics included. Now you can avoid wading through all the fluff and get straight to the essentials.
Chapter 1: Essentials / L’essentiel

Chapter 2: Talking to people / Parler aux gens

Chapter 3 : Directions, Transport, etc. / La direction, les transports…

Chapter 4 : Leisure, Culture and Entertainment / Les loisirs, la culture et le

Chapter 5 : Eating and Drinking – Manger et boire / Reading the menu – Lire un menu

Chapter 6: Traveling & Planning (Trips, Weather, Activities) – Voyages et

Chapter 7 : Money & Shopping – L’argent et le shopping

Chapter 8 : Health – La santé

Chapter 9: Miscellaneous / Divers

<strong>Formatted for easy navigation and reading </strong>

The simple structure of the e-book and the clickable table of contents make it easy for you to browse and locate topics quickly.

<strong>New: Now with audio. Improve your FRENCH PRONUNCIATION</strong>

Now you can download the 71 files to practice your French. (2 hours 43 minutes of audio).

<strong>Special Bonus</strong>

Free pronunciation guide and audio files! Learn the right way to pronounce the words and phrases with bonus mp3s.

 <strong>A special section on cultural differences: 80 tips about the French Culture </strong>

This tiny book also includes a mini-guide explaining French social etiquette. Avoid any embarrassing social gaffes with this valuable addition! Truly a must-read for anyone planning to go to France.

<strong>This mini-guide includes:</strong>

<li>10 Do’s and Don’ts for Tourists in France</li>
<li>A Guide to French Food Habits</li>
<li>40 French Taboos You Need to Know</li>
<strong>Technical Details:</strong>
<li>1400 + French phrases covering different scenarios</li>
        <li>Audio: 2 hours and 43 minutes</li>
<li>Mini-cultural guide</li>
<li>Pronunciation guide with Mp3</li>
<h2><strong>Start speaking French with confidence. Download your copy today!</strong></h2>