Falling for Her Bachelor - Robin Bielman

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By Robin Bielman

  • Release Date: 2016-04-12
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 35 Ratings


Free Download Falling for Her Bachelor Ebook. When Navy firefighter Nick Palotay returns to Marietta to go on the bachelor auction block for a good cause, he expects it to be risk free. But when he needs someone safe to bid on him and his sister's best friend is coaxed into stepping up, Nick isn’t prepared for the effect Cassidy has on him. She sends his mind to all kinds of dirty places…places his battered heart can’t afford. 

Freelance photographer Cassidy Ware is in waaay over her head. She’s always been Nick’s other little sister, but she’s all grown up now and just a glance from him leaves her hot and bothered. Still, she can stay immune to his charms and keep him at an emotional distance because she’s got an agenda, too. She’ll help the too-handsome Nick with his charitable deed, and, in return, he’ll help her keep an unwelcome suitor at bay. 

A deal’s a deal, but when their “business transaction” turns into more pleasure than duty, can they walk away from each other without losing what matters most?


  • Fun, Sexy Read!

    By Amy - So Many Reads
    Robin Bielman’s books are auto reads for me. Her stories are just enjoyable books that are hard to put down. Falling for Her Bachelor is a sexy, hot contemporary romance novel with an enjoyable plot, developed characters, and passionate romance. It was a great book to escape reality for a few hours. Nick is Marietta’s Navy Firefighter who is a hero that feels like he is anything but. He couldn’t save the people he was closest too and feels he let them down. Cassidy is looking to branch out from her good girl persona and really live a little. But, how can the guy who likes to play it safe in order to spare any more pain also be her leader in adventure? Bielman does a great job developing these two characters and I was almost as intrigued by each of their individual stories as I was their romance together. From the moment they reunited until the very end I was wisked away on an adventure right along with the characters. Falling for Her Bachelor not only takes you skydiving but into the heat of the moment in the bedroom. The sexy scenes are detailed perfectly for this couple and the story. If you are looking for a quick, contemporary romance read, I highly recommend you give Falling For Her Bachelor a try!
  • Fantastic!!

    By SBart79
    Bachelor #2 is Nick, ex Navy Firefighter, who is looking for an easing bidding so he asks his sister to find a bidder to play it safe. Not expecting his sister to pick her best friend, Cassidy. Cassidy had always had a childhood crush on Nick. Cassidy has agreed to help Nick out, if he returns the favor of when she needs a date. They are both fighting inner demons from previous relationships. Can they help each other out, without getting their hearts broken? This is a page turner, full of romance, sexy but sweet. Believe me you will fall in love with these two characters, and want more. A great story that I highly recommend. Robin Bielman is an auto buy for me!!
  • Falling for her Bachelor

    By Jean Boehmke
    This was a great story. Cassidy had a crush on Nick since she was young, but Nick just saw her as his sister's friend. When Nick needs to be rescued at the bachelor auction, his sister asks Cassidy to help by buying him. Cassidy and Nick both had a lot of baggage from the past. He lost friends in the military, and his first love in a house fire. Cassidy had some scars left behind from a bad relationship in college. They were both very likable characters. They had some great chemistry together as well. It was a sweet and hot story.
  • A great read!

    By BookSnuggle
    "Falling for Her Bachelor" by Robin Bielman is book two in the "Bachelor Auction Returns" series. This is Navy firefighter Nick Palotay and freelance photographer Cassidy Ware's story. Nick is back in town to volunteer for the bachelor auction. He has just been honorably discharged from the Navy. Nick is dealing with the loss of two good friends and not sure where or what he will do now. Cassidy is back in town to pack up her childhood home. She is trying to decide where her career or personal life will lead her next. Nick asks his sister for help so some crazy women doesn't win him in the auction. This is where Cassidy comes in. Secretly she has always had a crush on Nick, but he just saw her as his little sister's friend. Cassidy agrees to help Nick and wins him in the auction. They worked out a deal that Nick will also attend an event with Cassidy to help fend off this guy that won't leave her alone. Nick is now noticing Cassidy, a grown hot women, not seeing her as his little sister's friend anymore. Cassidy thought she had gotten over her crush on Nick. But Nick, the man, is so hot! Their relationship begins to change and things begin to heat up. Will Nick and Cassidy choose the path to take a chance on true love or will they take different paths? A great read! I loved how Robin writes. The story gets your attention right from the beginning and keeps it throughout the book. The chemistry and attraction between Nick and Cassidy was steamy and hot! This story provided the reader with humor, passion, and heartwarming moments. I look forward to reading other books by Robin Bielman. I received a copy of this book from Tule Publishing for an honest review. FYI, contains mature content.
  • Sizzling chemistry!!!

    By Cheryl SDS
    Navy Firefighter, Nick Palotay is wonderful at those sexy, sarcastic comebacks. He's everything I expected and more. This "falling for her best friends brother" story is fun, sexy, witty and the setting was beautiful. I laughed and cried and wished I really knew these fabulous people. I loved how through it all, Nick and Cassidy could still joke and laugh with each other. At one point I actually felt Cassidy's heartbreak over Nick. Nick has endured his share of losses which is hard to move past. The misplaced guilt and the fear of putting someone else through that is overwhelming. The love these two felt for each other is the forever kind but the baggage in their way was too much. The one thing I wasn't expecting was the story of Cassidy's college boyfriend. HORRIBLE! I am NEVER disappointed by this author and the books she writes. FANTASTIC! I can't wait to see what's next. Received a copy in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated for my review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinion expressed is my own.
  • Great story!

    By Cermak00
    Cassidy Ware has come back home to deal with the sale of her parent’s house along with trying to figure out her next steps in life. She has been scared, literally and figuratively, making her very fearful of everything. Except her best friends brother, and her first crush, Nick Palotay. Nick’s sister and Cassidy’s best friend, Rowan, asks for her help to save Nick at a bachelor's auction. Using money that Nick put up, she is more than happy to bet on him. After some friendly teasing from Nick, Cassidy decides to let loose and be more courageous on their weekend date. Nick has lost a lot of people in his life lately and has become emotionally unattached, except to his family. He is staying far away from everyone fearing losing them too. A weekend away with Cassidy means nothing more than spending some time with an old friend. Spending a weekend together Nick and Cassidy share issues from their past and come to understand each other. However, that weekend leads to both wanting more but not being able to come to terms with it. They both walk away from each other only to question whether or not it is the right thing to do. This was another romantic, enjoyable quick read. I think Nick and Cassidy’s story was even more delightful then the couple in the first book! There were some cute and awkward moments between the two that made them a couple you root for the entire time. I love the storyline on Cassidy’s college story and how she overcame her fears. I enjoyed this book and look forward to more books in the series.